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Cherax Park is cooperating with research teams from high level institutions including University of Queensland, Huazhong Agricultural University (China) and South China Agricultural University. We are conducting projects on production techniques, sustainable farming, environment preservation etc.


To make the greatest benefit to our community, we provide our pasture for agistment.


To be able to do that, we do our best to maintain our pasture in a healthy and productive condition.


The mud with sediments on the bottom of the crayfish ponds is the most nutritious matter for horticulture production.


We are studying the features of the pond mud and looking at working out a formula and the technique to transfer it into a highly productive pathogen-free soil used for horticulture and forestry.

Smart  Solar System

The newly installed smart solar system at Cherax Park is an absolute attraction. The complete solar system will not only reduce the power cost for our business, but will also accelerate our pace in sustainable farming. As renewable energy, the solar energy will provide electricity for the farm production, including water pumping and aeration, at the lowest environmental cost. Furthermore, we will create a water circulation system, which on one hand cool down the solar panel; on the other hand warm up the pond water temperature, which maintain crayfish’s growth in cool weather. The system in whole will create an energy self-sufficient ecosystem.

Nutrition Formula Experiment

We’ve formed a research team with agriculture master students from Huazhong University (China) and a local research institute to experiment a specific nutrition formula for Redclaw.

Human Computer Interaction Operation System

As part of our strategic plan of transforming the farm into a platform of innovation, we are working with some IT experts to tailor make a human computer interaction operation system.


This user-friendly system is expected to improve the production efficiency to a great extent.  The production process will be highly standardized. And the farm management and decision making will be completely based on real data.

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